Your big day has finally arrived! You have been planning for months, dreaming for years, and praying for your Prince Charming your entire life. Everything has come together perfectly.

But, before saying “I Do!”, we have taken the time to list our Top 3 must-haves for any 2017 wedding. These three tips will ensure that your big day is unforgettable.

From the fabulous Twinsies at Favoured

1. Keep your guests busy

While you are off taking pictures, your guests will be sitting around patiently awaiting your return.  Generally this is a good time to bring out the canapés and have your guests snacking while you are away, however these days it simply is not enough. We are not saying that you need to break the bank to keep them entertained with music or even alcohol. We as Favoured went to our fair share of weddings in 2016 and the thing that we LOVED most, was that the bride and groom had thought of something to get everyone mingling and simply having fun while they were away.

At one wedding, the couple had left a variety of board games for us to choose from to keep us entertained. That game of 30 Seconds was intense! At another wedding, the bride and groom had arranged about 200 golf balls and a set of clubs to be left near the dam for the guests to make use of. Everyone was drawn to the crowd and it was so much fun to watch (because let’s be honest, this girly-girl was definitely not going to take a swing herself)!  And do you want to know the best part about keeping your guests busy? You can take your time and get the perfect shots of you and your groom. It’s a win-win!

2. DIY Bar

Whether it’s a DIY gin or cocktail bar, donut bar or a s’mores bar; this is the ultimate trend for any special event and we absolutely love it!  Not only do your guests get to embrace their creativity, but it’s also simple and easy to prepare and set up.

For us, we are crazy for the s’mores bar. We are talking gooey goodness that will have your Gran feeling like a kid again. Everyone loves chocolate… but when you add melted marshmallows to it, it is pure indulgence! To find out exactly how you can pull off the s’mores bar without burning a hole through your pocket, catch us at the Midlands Bridal Fair on the 19th of February 2017. Our own, Tina Chetty, will be sharing some secrets to make your DIY look oh so fab!

3. Artificial Flowers

There is nothing quite as amazing as a bunch of real flowers – the smell, the feel, the way it makes you feel… We know that this is a big chunk of your wedding budget so, if you need an alternative, we have exactly that! From succulents to strings of flowers and so much in between. Favoured Online has it all. And, it’s timeless! Whether you are planning a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, or simply just wanting to add a pop of colour in your new home, it certainly will make a statement – and one that will never die!

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