Absolutely Do NOT drink lots of alcohol the night or two nights before your wedding …

… A glass or two is okay but do not overdo it. Too much alcohol will leave your skin dull and lifeless on the day and you definitely want a dewy, radiant glow!

Bonus Tips …
  1. Never go for a facial a day or two days before your wedding, especially if you have never had one or if your last facial was a long time ago. Your skin may be overstimulated or eliminate toxins and cause a breakout. Rule of thumb is always last facial at least one week before the big day! This will prevent the unsightly visitor on your face. 
  2. Start facials or a good skincare regime at least 3 months before. Good skin will not happen with one facial overnight. Drink loads of water and choose products with hyaluronic acid in it. Hyaluronic acid loves water (hydrophilic) and draws it towards itself. So if your products have this ingredient in it it will keep your skin hydrated and plumped by attracting H2O towards it.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Embrace the day and appreciate the progression of life that you are going through. No one else knows how it was meant to be so relax and HAVE the champagne!

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These tips are from Natalie at Midlands Makeup Artistry.

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