Champagne Carriages | 2018

Bespoke Horse and Carriage business
Barbara Zietsman
082 854 5698

Barbara & Gail, welcome to the 2018 Midlands Bridal Fair. We are so excited to introduce you and your business to our Brides- and Grooms-to-be!

We’d love to know more about you and how you got into the industry…

Both Gail and I have been around horses for too long to remember. We started competitive carriage driving way back in the early 90s, and that sowed the seed to have a special carriage and turnout to cater to those little princesses who grew up always wanting that fairytale experience on their wedding day. We had a bespoke carriage made, and here we are.

What services and expertise does your business offer to clients?

We are a bespoke horse and carriage business, catering mostly for weddings and Matric dances, but any special occasion is where we excel! We offer a professional and formal turnout, often personalised with colour and draping to suit the event and to enhance the charm of individual weddings.

How long have you been doing this for?

We started in 2008 when we first came to the area, so for just on 10 years.

What do you love most about the work you do?

It is a happy thing to be involved in! People are always having the best time on the wedding day, and we get swept up in their fun! Loving horses, having a fabulous horse, and being part of these celebrations is a joy.

What differentiates your business and makes you stand out? What are you known for?

We have a beautiful turnout and wonderful horses. Our horses are trained to be oblivious to noise and crowds, so we feel safe no matter where we go. We try to grant most wishes from our Brides on their special day. We are formal so as to be the background to the gorgeous couples, we try to grant most wishes (lots seen on Pinterest!) of how our Brides see themselves in their wedding pictures. We are a wonderful add-on and make a statement at whatever function we go to.

What can visitors to the Midlands Bridal Fair expect to see from you at the fair?

We will have our carriage on display for anyone who want to get the feel of a photoshoot. We will also have a large portfolio of images from different weddings.  We will both be available for any questions couples might have.

Any client testimonial/s you’d like to share?

We have a number, but the best part is becoming a venue’s preferred supplier. It means that we have always done a good job and that the wedding planner at the venue knows that if we are hired, she has nothing more to worry about regarding the horse and carriage. We find that a  huge compliment.

Tell us what inspires you. Any websites, people or companies that you follow?

About doing what we do, the fact that it is a happy occasion, having fun with the horses and carriage at the event, and making wedding dreams come true.

What advice would you give to Brides- and/or Grooms-to-be?

Enjoy the day and try and keep on time, everyone gets stressed when things are not as expected!

Do you have a favourite quote?

“Say what you mean and do what you say, because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind!” – Dr. Seuss