iZimbali Florist | 2018

Florist supplying flowers for all occasions
Kaamani Jangali
033 342 0414

Kaamani, welcome to the 2018 Midlands Bridal Fair. We are so excited to introduce you and your business to our Brides- and Grooms-to-be!

We’d love to know more about you and how you got into the industry…

I am a very creative person, doing flowers informally in the early years of my life. Followed my heart, left the corporate world, did some formal floral training and started my career.

What services and expertise does your business offer to clients?

We have over 15 years of experience in the floral industry. Offering good solid advise which we gained through experience over the many years.

We offer flowers for all occasions, specifically for weddings these are the flowers that we make up:

  1. Bridal bouquet
  2. Bridesmaid bouquets
  3. Corsages
  4. Flower crowns
  5. Buttonholes
  6. Centrepieces
  7. Main table arrangements
  8. Petals
How long have you been doing this for?

15 years.

What do you love most about the work you do?

Being able to do what I love everyday.

What differentiates your business and makes you stand out? What are you known for?

Our silk rose bridal bouquets have become a popular request.

What can visitors to the Midlands Bridal Fair expect to see from you at the fair?

Opulence and Freshness.

Tell us what inspires you. Any websites, people or companies that you follow?

Oopsie Daisy flowers in Johannesburg.

What advice would you give to Brides- and/or Grooms-to-be?

Just choose simple floral designs, that look classic and beautiful. Let the professionals do their jobs, let go and trust us!