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Lynn Reynolds
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lime and roses bespoke linen

Lime & Roses is a gorgeous shop situated in the heart of Nottingham Road.  We offer our clients the opportunity to create their own bespoke collections of linen, or just choose from the selection of local and imported linens we have available in the shop. We also carry an exclusive range of handmade French-style furniture designed and made by Clive Biden from Montagu in the Cape, as well as carrying other exclusive ranges of stock.

Lime & Roses is striving to become a Linen Specialist, always on the look out for exquisite ranges of handmade, local, and imported collections. We aim to help everyone Create their Beautiful Life. By offering the client the opportunity to get involved in creating their own unique Collection of Linen, we feel we are making a greater difference to the authenticity of their home, and believe this will impact every day of their lives.

We have an online Gift Registry service which we have found beneficial not only for the recipient of the gifts, but especially for the purchaser of the gifts! The ease of their shopping experience just makes everyone happy! This service is not only available to Brides, but any special person celebrating every occasion there is.

So, let Lime & Roses help you Create your Beautiful Life …

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