Freeze dried flowers, petals and keepsakes
Paola Verolini
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PetalMania is the only floral freeze drying specialist in Southern Africa offering preserved flowers and petals of the highest quality.

Floral freeze drying is the most sophisticated method of flower preservation. Results are near perfect…same colour, shape and size as when the flowers were fresh, but now totally dry.

We can offer you:

  1. Petals that will not wilt, or rot, no matter the weather … perfect for arranging in advance of any celebration.
  2. Tossing confetti petals that won’t stain gowns, furnishings, linen – all natural and 100% biodegradable so no damage anywhere, and in the colours you want.
  3. Out-of-season flowers that can be incorporated into fresh flower arrangements and bouquets for that special touch.
  4. Flower paperweights as keepsakes of the wedding…practical, beautiful and meaningful.
  5. Freeze dried flower bouquets and arrangements, flower crowns, corsages and buttonholes, wreaths and pommanders, all ready-made weeks in advance so that you can enjoy your wedding day rather than stress!