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I curate my shop, hand selecting the freshest available blooms of the best quality, along with fine antiques, unusual pieces and exquisite containers. When I am not personally selecting flowers for my shop or an event or arranging, you’ll find me at an auction getting my hands on more antiques. Based in Nottingham Road in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, I’m influenced by the natural uncultivated beauty of the countryside.
Anne Hedley
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Almost magically, flowers set the tone and feel of an occasion. They have the subtle power to transform the energy of a space.

Every creation is bespoke, based on the person I am arranging for, using the freshest seasonal flowers. I try to include an intriguing, surprising or unusual element in each of my floral arrangements, using unconventional and wild materials, for example, wild grasses or foliage I have foraged.

I pay real attention to the needs and circumstances of each of my customers.

Expect simple extravagance and true value for money.