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Sound-Mechanix-photo-stripSound Mechanix has a number of freelance DJ’s who are assigned to weddings. All DJ’s are carefully selected in order to uphold the high standard of the Sound Mechanix name and provide a flawless wedding experience for all involved. All DJ’s are highly experienced in the wedding industry and know and understand the way a wedding needs to run. Many young DJ’s are trained through Sound Mechanix assisting in no less than 20 weddings before being assigned to a wedding without the guidance of their mentor. Sound Mechanix will make sure that their equipment is in good working order to ensure that there are no technical errors and, most of all, that good quality sound is produced. All DJ’s will dress accordingly and will make themselves presentable to fit in with your special day.

Wedding Services Sound Mechanix Offers:

Ceremony Sound

Whether you have live musicians who need sound equipment provided for them in the church or you need your special songs to be played during the church service, Sound Mechanix will provide you with a DJ / technician and equipment to make that special ceremony flows seamlessly.

Music during your photo shoot

Whilst the bridal party is away on their photo shoot, your guests will enjoy canapés while socialising. Should you wish to have gentle background music for your guests, Sound Mechanix will gladly provide a sound system, music and a DJ / technician to manage the set up.


Your Sound Mechanix DJ will make sure that all the sound equipment is set up, looks neat and tidy and he will have done a sound check before any of your guests enter the reception area. When they do enter they will be met by background music setting the mood for the evening. A cordless microphone on a mic stand will be available for speeches and simple, effective dance floor lighting will also be provided as part of the standard package. Your DJ will know well in advance what is required of him. Sound Mechanix will ensure that all your formality song requirements are met and has a guideline available to you as to the best recommended sequence to follow to ensure a smooth running wedding.

Sound Mechanix does not have a cut-off time but rather an hourly rate after 24:00, so the end of the evening depends entirely on you.

Sound Mechanix will cater to your needs and requirements in terms of music, sound, lighting and audio visual productions. Whether it be a special song to be played for granny or plasma screens to be set up throughout the venue for a live video feed. Sound Mechanix will make sure your wedding day runs as you desire. The friendly staff at Sound Mechanix will assist you in any way possible to the best of their ability.