Do NOT book your wedding photographer based solely on price …

… There is more to it than that! Sadly society dictates the ‘must haves’ for a wedding and often a photographer is looked at as a ‘must have’ and the budget would dictate the end result. Investing in your memories should be your first priority, then everything else. 

Any one with a camera can call themselves a photographer, so what separates a photographer from a photographer?

Your wedding day is a love story. Your photographer must have a thorough understanding of weddings, from start to finish. This will include things like timings, procedures and the little things one doesn’t always think of. Your photographer has an obligation to tell your love story in their creative way.

A photographer’s ‘style’ is not based on their images and how well they are captured. Let’s face it, you would not have contacted the photographer if you did not like their images. Rather it is how they run their business, their reputation amongst other wedding service providers, their professionalism and ongoing communication with you.

From the onset it is important that you get along with your photographer. They will be alongside you not only throughout your wedding day but prior to that too. Their guidance will form the backbone of planning and scheduling with other service providers.

Everyone has a perceived value of what something should be worth and what they are willing to pay for that product or service. Photographers place a value on their creative abilities as artists but more so on their experience, technical capabilities, advice and the service they offer. The value you place on your photographer will naturally attract you to that style of photographer.

Narrow your choices down to two and schedule appointments. Not always easy to do in person but Facetime and Skype does solve that problem.

Bonus Tips …
  1. When meeting your potential photographer you will have an opportunity to touch and feel the final product, discuss the pros and cons of packages, ask questions that would be indications of good ‘style’. This is reassurance that you can trust them to tell your story through their passion for their work and through their creative abilities.
  2. Your photographer will be supplying you with a valuable keepsake. Look at your wedding photographer not just as a person who takes pretty pictures but as someone who is an artist, a storyteller, a business person, and a mentor that will guide you on your journey.
  3. Style is not just about the images but rather the whole packaged service your photographer offers.
  4. There is only so much you can plan. Take advice from seasoned service providers when it comes to scheduling and planning. The day goes by quicker than you think and only a few things from your wedding day will last forever. Decide what’s important and do not compromise on that.

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These tips are from Sean at Sean Baker Photography.

Sean from Sean Baker Photography says that gone are the days of receiving a few prints to be placed in an album with pages stuck together. We are consuming images in a whole different way. Each package is designed with this in mind, for you to share those treasured moments while still enjoying the modern photo album, viewing photos the way they are meant to be. It’s not just about the images I take but rather my ability to capture the entire experience from the moment you first make contact to paging through your albums and re-living the moments of your story time and time again.

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