Never go for the cheapest …

… Cheap usually tastes nasty and may very well fall over or collapse! Do your homework and check the baker’s reputation with the venues and ask for references. About mid-range cost is what you should be going for. Also, never allow yourself to be talked into some huge creation which is far more than they need, simply because the vendor is trying to upsell.

Bonus Tips …
  1. Always go with a professional baker – while it may sound nice to have a friend bake your cake, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re going to end up with an excellent product when done professionally. Remember that everyone is going to look at the cake, while you are having pictures taken, and it’s going to be in some of your most memorable photographs as you do the cutting ceremony. You want something gorgeous! And delicious!
  2. Bear the season in mind. Fresh cream and chocolate don’t go with summer.

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These tips are from Leigh at Love & Laughter Wedding Cakes.

Leigh from Love & Laughter Wedding Cakes says that her clients have the peace of mind in knowing that their cake is in the hands of a professionally trained baker, registered with the South African Chef’s Association, and South African Bakers Association. She designs and creates the most beautiful and delicious cakes, candy tables, and many other assorted items of confectionary delight, including Croquembouche, and guest favours.

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