Always check what flowers are in season on your wedding day …

… This is so important for two reasons – firstly, if it is in season it will definitely help bring the cost down, and secondly, it will avoid disappointment if the flowers are suddenly not available the week of the wedding!

Bonus Tips …
  1. Always be open to suggestions from wedding suppliers. These suggestions can sometimes help to bring costs down, while still creating a similar look to what you have seen in pictures online.
  2. Never get your heart set on pictures you have seen online, before chatting to your wedding suppliers first. Most of the pictures you see online are from overseas, so the flowers pictured are often not available in South Africa, or not in season over the chosen wedding date – which can lead to a lot of disappointment.
  3. If the quote you receive from a wedding supplier is more than you thought it would be, don’t just leave it and try to get another supplier to create the same look for cheaper. Chat to the supplier who has quoted, ask why the prices are what they are, and if they do not fit into your budget, ask for suitable alternatives.
  4. Stick to your budget as closely as possible, but leave a little bit of wiggle room – just enough that you are still comfortably within what you wanted to spend.

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These tips are from Kim at Kloof Florist.

Kim from Kloof Florist says that they tailor-make flowers to suit each client, and their specific needs. They are also happy to work within a budget, and to offer advice to clients on how to create the look they require, while still working with what is in season. They deliver as far as Ballito on the North Coast, Amanzimtoti on the South Coast, up to the Midlands, and most places in between.

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