Have a pre-Wedding Make-up Trial …

… It’s so important to meet your Make-up Artist beforehand, speak about your needs and wants as well as your dislikes, if any. And have your make-up done as a trial run beforehand to ensure it is a look you love. When it comes to make-up, there are many versions of ‘natural’ and many versions of ‘smokey’ and so on. Having a trial before your wedding day ensures no stress or changes needed on your special day.

Bonus Tips …
  1. Firstly think very carefully when booking your Make-up Artist. She is going to be at your side at your most vulnerable moments leading up to the big day. So it needs to be someone that you can feel comfortable with. This is why meeting your Make-up Artist beforehand is so important. The decision should not only be made according to your budget. Other factors to consider should include asking yourself does their work reflect the style you are interested in? Does their personality fit in with your perfect day?

  2. When it comes to a wedding Make-up Artist , ‘cheapest’ is not always best option. They should have extensive knowledge and experience in this particular field, know which products are suitable for certain skin conditions and skin types etc. This knowledge is imperative in being able to guarantee longevity of your make-up on your wedding day.

  3. Never exfoliate or use a new product on your wedding day. I have come across Brides in the past that have been given samples of moisturisers by their beauticians to use on their wedding day for an extra ‘youthful glow’.  Your wedding day is not the time to try out new products as your skin could have an adverse reaction.

  4. One thing you must have is a touch-up lipstick. Even if you have had a long lasting lipstick applied, it’s a very long day and you will want a fresh lip before entering your reception. 

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These tips are from Tammy at PRO Make-up.

Tammy from PRO Make-up started as head lecturer of make-up at a leading make-up college, which allowed her to share her passion with other aspiring artists. All whilst starting up her own business specialising in Weddings. She has also since joined Kryolan South Africa. Tammy and her team offer a full Make-Up and Hairstyling service to Bridal parties in the comfort of their chosen venue. They can easily take on bigger Bridal parties when required.

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