Wedding Planning Tips

Three Essential Keys to a Happy Wedding | 2018

Lythwood Chapel 1 May 2018 11:15 am - 11:30 am

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Nikki Sinclair | 2018

Most couples planning their ‘Happy Wedding’ have one thing in common – STRESS. Your wedding planning should be an enjoyable process, so we’ve looked at why and how stress can be reduced. Here are the top 3 keys that we’ve found will help you to have a Happy Wedding… and if you can keep practising these beyond the wedding day and into your marriage, you are more likely to have a happily ever after…

In this workshop Nikki Sinclair from Marriage Meander KZN, will give you some tips and tools to manage your stress so you can enjoy the journey.

Limited spots are available for this workshop so don’t miss out! Book your spot as soon as you check in at the Midlands Bridal Fair.
If you haven’t already booked your tickets to the Fair, then do so now online on our website (save R20 per ticket!)