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Timing Your Wedding | 2018

Lythwood Chapel 1 May 2018 11:35 am - 11:50 am

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Claire Koenig | 2018

How often have you heard the statement, “Enjoy every moment, your wedding day is over so fast”! Although there is some truth to this, your wedding day will seem to fly by a little faster if you have not realistically given enough time for things and you are rushing from one event to the next. A rushed Bride definitely feels a tad stressed and you may end up feeling like you did not have any time just to take everything in on your day. The key to a relaxed wedding day, where time seems to move a little slower, is good planning and considered timing. 

Okay, so how much time should you realistically allocate to things? What should the order of events be to make the most of your day? How long does it really take to gather family members together for photos? 

Join Etienne and myself (Claire) from Wild Olive Photography, for a short, fun and interactive workshop, where we will guide you through realistic timings and the planning of your special day. We will be giving you the most common things couples forget to allocate time for as well as helpful hints to ensuring great, relaxed photos on your day! When you have planned your day with realistic timings there will be no need for ‘clock watching’ and you will be able to just enjoy every moment as it happens and not just on the highlights reel.

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you a little to plan one of the best days of your life!

Limited spots are available for this workshop so don’t miss out! Book your spot as soon as you check in at the Midlands Bridal Fair.
If you haven’t already booked your tickets to the Fair, then do so now online on our website (save R20 per ticket!)