Meander Weddings & Black and White Studios: Official Sponsors of the Midlands Bridal Fair video | 2018

Meander Weddings & Black and White Studios are the Official Sponsors of the 2018 Midlands Bridal Fair Video. 

Midlands-based videographers, Jane Symes from Black and White Studios and Nicole Schafer from Meander Weddings, have teamed up with their 15+ years’ combined experience to capture a cinematic, artistic and personalised account of your wedding day.

Meander Wedding Photography & Videography

The only local, Midlands-based service that offers both photography and videography under one umbrella.

Get both your wedding photography and video booked with their special package deal.

Contact either Nicole on 072 352 2305 or Jane on 072 778 8957 for more details.

Black and White Studios: