One of the BEST things about being a Bride-To-Be is the excitement of planning your dream wedding and making sure you have the right wedding team to make your day exactly how you have always dreamed it would be.

Having said this, it can be a stressful period and there is nothing worse than trying to find service providers and not knowing where to start or how to begin!

From the dynamic Centaine Wood at Photo Centz Photography

This is where Bridal Fairs play an important role in making putting your dream Wedding Team together a whole lot easier as you have a whole range of service providers under one roof whom you are able to chat to, view their portfolio and, most importantly, get a gauge of what they are like as person to determine whether you would be able to work with them or not.

Some things to remember

Relationships between you, as a couple, and your service providers is a very important aspect to keep in mind when looking for your desired Photographer, Videographer, DJ, and so on. You need to be able to connect and get along as your wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life and everyone involved needs to ‘gel’ in order to make sure your day runs smoothly and is amazing as ever.

Be sure to have a rough idea of what your budget is for each supplier needed for your wedding day, so that when you look at any packages on display you will know who to chat to and whose flyers to take and whose not to. This will really help when it is time to shortlist and possibly set up a coffee date to meet the service provider again to discuss things in more detail before making that final decision and booking them.

Bring along a small note book to make quick notes of things you may have really enjoyed about a specific service provider as well as their Company name so that when you are going through all those flyers you collected, you can make a connection between your conversation with them and what they had to offer.

With regards to searching for a Photographer, be sure to ask about how your timeline should be for the day in terms of having enough time for all the pictures which need to be taken in each segment of your day.

There are certain things that you may overlook such as what would be the best time to have your ceremony. This should always depend on what season of the year it is as you want to make sure you have enough time for a relaxing creative shoot without having to chase light. In Summer we have longer days so the sun sets much later than if we were in the middle of Winter. So you could have your ceremony in the middle of the afternoon in Summer, whereas in Winter it would need to be earlier to ensure you do not run out of light for your creative shoot. As Photographers we have been to many weddings and have seen a lot of good ideas and some not so good ideas in terms of timing for the day. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have regarding the timing of your big day.

Lastly, you do not want to be chasing the clock throughout the day. Be sure to have little bits of extra time factored in here and there in your Wedding Day Timeline so that if you are running a little late, its OK.

Remember that this is YOUR day and the planning leading up to it should be funexciting and by no means a drag!

Plan things accordingly. There are lots of guided timelines that can be found online to assist in letting you know what should be booked by when to help ease the planning process.

This is the start of a new adventure, a new chapter in your lives, be sure to make it a memorable one.

What will be on offer at my stand at the Midlands Bridal Fair on Sunday, 19 February 2017 at Lythwood?

It’s nearly time for my first Bridal Fair in the Midlands and my preparations are well under way for an interactive and fun way you to view my work. The best part is that I get an opportunity to get to meet you all!


I have decided to add a bit of fun to my stand at theMidlands Bridal Fair, so I created an Insta-Frame along with props for you and your Bride Tribe to have fun with when you come visit me!

Once you have taken your pic, post it up on your Instagram account and use the hashtag #PhotoCentzMidlandsBridalFair2017. The picture with the most likes will WIN a 90 minute Engagement Shoot valued at R2,000.00 as well as a 10% discount on any of my 2017 Wedding Photography Packages.

PLUS I am extremely pleased to announced that Amy Lee from Shimmer (Make-Up) has teamed up with me on this prize and will be sponsoring make-up for the lucky Bride to be for the Engagement shoot.

The winner will be announced on Monday, 6 March 2017 – this gives you two weeks to get your likes ladies!

(T&C’s apply – see me at my stand for more details. Please note that this prize will NOT be drawn at the Midlands Bridal Fair but you DO need to enter at the Fair.)

What’s a Bride Tribe shoot you may ask?

Well you have chosen your Bridesmaids for a special task that lies ahead -and they will be your ‘Go-To’ guru’s throughout the planning process, making sure to have all you need on your Big Day! On the day of your wedding the only thing you should be thinking about is the count down of the final hours, minutes and seconds until you marry your best friend!

With all that your Bride Tribe has helped to organise leading up the the Big Day, why not incorporate a fun photo session with just you and your girlfriends? This can be done a few months prior to the wedding so that you can use the images as possible ‘Thank you’ gifts to your Bridesmaids.

Something that I offer along with the photo session at an additional cost is to have a crystal resin image of you and each Bridesmaid with a short personalised message on it to hand over to them on your wedding day as special and memorable gift from you to them. (P.S: If you are not sure what a crystal resin image is / looks like I will have a few on display at my stand on the day of the fair)

So, for the Midlands Bridal Fair I have sponsored a 90 minute Bride Tribe Photo Session along with a 15% discount on crystal resin images of you and your Bridesmaids.
Come and enter at my stand at the Fair and be sure to stay for the Prize Giving to avoid missing your chance to win!

T&C’s apply.


Get your ticket now!